All Things are Lessons God would have me Learn

Posted on May 7 2013 - 6:22pm by Shana

This time around my blog is not about me and my life experience but about you … Yes you! You see I need to let you know something, somethings, rather. A big part of me knows that you have an idea or you feel it to be true but fear over powers you.  Since the start of 2013 I like many others have been going through “challenges” or a better word “changes.” I got sad and felt as though all hope was lost. Simply put, it was hard, so hard that at times I felt as breathless and attempted to exhale the pains, that seemed to have lodged between my heart and my abdomen – but I can tell you emotional hardships hide in our minds. Call me CRAZY but I know this to be true.

It was throughout this nightmare that I said enough is enough. I picked myself up and with a bit of disgust I said to myself “How pathetic you look crying all over yourself, acting like the sky is falling and there is no tomorrow…Grow up, wake up and Live. ”

I had enough. It was not easy, and it did not take one day, maybe it could have but for me it did not… it is a process. A process of letting go, allowing, trusting that I belong here, in this mosaic called life and trusting that there is a greater good for my life (that thought brings a smile to my face). During my process I learned so much and the process still continues and I continue to learn. One thing for sure I learned to be still, allowing all to fade away and know that right now I am ok.

I did say this is not about me right :)

Here is what I want you to know. You have a greater good in this life. Yes you may have heard it before and it’s the truth but I want you to feel it. Your life, you and I are connected. You and every living thing on this planet are connected … We all share something that means you are never alone.  Life can get hard, heck yeh. It can really kick you to the curb and make you want to crawl on your face and just lay there. But you know what? LET IT GO.

Just LET IT GO.  You may have just hissed or thought “how can I let it go when this person means so much to me, or my life depends on it, or I have invested so much time, money and patience into this?” Here is the thing, I know you have invested so much and to let it go will feel like you are losing. Truth is you are not, you are actually gaining. If you want to live your fullest life, your absolute best life, allow this universe, allow God or whomever you call upon whether externally or internally to truly bless you. Trust! It’s clear we do not always know what is best for ourselves, hence all this mistakes or lessons as I like to call them, so what is so wrong with taking your hands off that steering wheel and allowing things to work out. After all things can’t, not work out.

I can hear you asking, “but how do I LET GO? How do I ALLOW?”

Well I must say, there may be some things you may not want to hear but here goes …

Be honest to yourself – More than half the time what we tell ourselves are lies … nicely put assumptions. Assumptions gathered from past experiences and facts, but assumptions none the less. One of my big assumptions always comes out when I preempt someone’s response to a question I have not even asked as yet. Right then I usually get carried away thinking if I ask this way s/he might say that, or s/he might say this so I should ask this way or not ask at all. Instantly our minds go off – making up stories.  When you find this happening take a deep breath and tell your mind “STOP, you are making that up.” Sounds strange but try it and see, you may be surprised to see what happens.

Give up your need to control everything – If you are like me then you like things a certain way, well your way.  You think you know what’s best for yourself, your family, your friends and your spouse. In fact you think you have things all figured out. Truth is you don’t know what’s best for anybody outside of your being. Of course we have loved ones and we think we have earned the right to say what is right or wrong for them, and while we have and can give our opinions, let’s remember that’s all it is – an opinion. You don’t get to control everyone, every situation nor everything. You have to trust that there is a greater good, one outside your knowing. When you feel your controlling self coming up STOP, take a breath and say “I trust that things are going in divine order.”

Stay in your lane – Now for those of us who drive, and even for commuters we know the hazard that can happen when one car carelessly drifts into another lane, especially when there is oncoming traffic. So it is with our lives. We are all on our own journeys here. We are all members with different functions on this planet. Respect that. If you may need a bit of time to soak that in, take it. But when we get invested in other people’s lives, telling them how to live, arguing, having a negative feeling towards their choices, we simply are disrespecting them – whom we love.  Parents may blatantly disagree and that is no problem, but when a daughter or son grows to an age of making his/her own decisions, it’s time for parents to let go and observe the lives of their children unfold, as it should.  I am not saying parents or anyone should just watch their loved ones make “mistakes” and continue living their own lives, no way. I am saying don’t force anyone to live the life you want them to live. Don’t push. You do not have that right because you have no clue what their purpose is here on earth and instead of pushing and arguing, respect that individual. Trust me you will end up having a permanent place in the heart of that special one, all because of your respect.

So I have outlined three ways to let go

  • Be honest to yourself
  • Give up your need to control everything
  • Stay in your lane

Oh and how could I forget, get your ego out of this. Bring balance to everything and feel the transformation. We are all here on a journey, and we are all trying to figure it out. There is no need to panic you will get there. I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below or join me on Facebook at If you have not signed up for inspirations to your inbox, what are you waiting for?

Love & Light,



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I am a Daughter, Best friend, Sister, Teacher and Online Image Markert. My life’s purpose is to help the people around manifest their best selves, whether in business or personally. Clarity is Freedom.” My personal experiences have revealed to me that once there is clarity I perform at my best. We make the better decisions when we know. This clarity that I speak of is a knowing, not just having information but experiencing a “gut feeling” that eliminates all doubt.

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